Richard’s Story's story

Richard has profound hearing loss and is a Registered Sex Offender. He has an ex-partner with a disability whom he helps care for, giving him a sense of purpose. Before being referred to Pathways for temporary accommodation, he slept in his car for the best part of a year. Pathways assessed Richard’s needs to ensure he could live safely in supported accommodation with his disability and offered him a room at one of our step-down projects. When he arrived, his emotional health was severely low. He was distraught and did not believe anything was possible. But Pathways knew that with patience, care, and time, he would have the opportunity to adjust and build himself back up.

Pathway’s accommodation was the foundation he needed, providing stability and a safe place where he felt comfortable and supported through weekly meetings to discuss and develop his Support Plan or to have a coffee and a chat. With staff encouragement and support from The Probation Service and Medway Visor Team, Richard made significant progress. He is currently completing in-house counselling sessions and has enrolled on a sign language course online. He has made regular savings towards a move-on fund, and an application for consideration has been made to the housing register through Kent and Medway HomeChoice.

Richard shares how ‘when one is homeless and alone, communication shuts down’, but now, he has a routine and can communicate for the first time in a long time. Without the support of Pathways and someone who believed in him, Richard thought it impossible to progress to a point where he was ready to live independently. Now, he is hopeful for the future.