How our programmes work

  • Developing and supporting personal development through arts-based methodologies and methods (ABM)
  • Using therapeutic group-work techniques to explore and develop ideas around identity and values and help attitudinal shifts and mental health
  • Developing and supporting family relationships to support desistance, resettlement, intergenerational bonding and kinship networks
  • Developing education, training and employment progression routes and engaging learners who traditionally struggle in a classroom setting
  • Improving staff-user relationships towards a Whole Institution Approach (WIA)
  • Training and supporting staff to deliver high-quality services and self-care in custodial and community settings

Our Delivery Methods


    Delivered by experienced facilitators trained and contracted by Safe Ground.


    By a Safe Ground trained facilitator and a member of your staff member trained by us with all associated costs covered.


    Safe Ground will train (2) members of your staff with quality assurance support and all associated costs covered.


    3-Day Safe Ground programme facilitation training to equip the establishment staff to deliver unlimited programmes during the licence period.

Our Programmes

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