We are committed to providing non-discriminatory processes, whether at a recruitment level, through performance reviews, or promotional and remuneration areas.


SIG fosters a culture where every voice is welcomed, heard and respected and embeds inclusivity throughout our service delivery, programmes and day-to-day activities.


We support all staff to:


  • Challenge discrimination, harassment and institutional racism
  • Promote inclusion
  • Understand health inequalities
  • Address barriers
  • Support Residents, Participants and Colleagues to understand their rights and speak out
  • Develop their respective skill set and expand sector experiences by becoming EDI Ambassadors

EDI Ambassadors

SIG EDI Steering Group launched in July 2020 as a direct response to staff feedback, comprising 20 volunteer EDI Ambassadors from across the organisation. Acting as specialist leads representing each Protected Characteristic while working alongside the EDI Programme Manager. The group nurtures and retains strong links to SIG’s Participant and Resident Representative Group, sharing the voices of those accessing our services.


Together, they gauge a range of stakeholder opinions via workshops, support groups, community forums and service House Meetings. Their collective findings inform and enhance service delivery approaches and the work of our Participant and Resident Forum. The EDI Steering Group can be contacted through SIG’s EDI Programme Manager, Norman Alcide email: Norman.Alcide@Equinoxcare.org.uk


Our offering to EDI Ambassadors provides the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills training, a fundamental part of this professional journey. We equip Ambassadors to shape and deliver niche training, for example, understanding how to shape learning-based challenges to discriminative behaviours. Ambassadors undertake further training to understand various learning styles as a by-product of Neurodiverse Communities.

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