How We Advocate For Change

We want to provide safe and supportive opportunities for the people we support to share their experiences with decision-makers.

  • Campaigning

    Advocating on behalf of our residents and participants and creating safe, inclusive platforms for their stories to be shared

  • Influencing Policy

    Facilitating opportunities for policymakers at all levels to be influenced by those with lived experience of the impact of local and national processes

  • Raising Awareness

    Raising the profile of SIG’s work and impact and of particular issues that impact our services and the people we support.

Get involved

We would love to hear from

  • Professionals and experts

    We invite professionals and experts in the health and social care sector, criminal justice field.

  • Community leaders and other organisations

    Community leaders and faith organisations. Partner charities and campaign groups to engage with us.

  • People with lived experience

    If you have lived experience, are a carer or looking for a volunteering opportunity, we would love to hear from you.

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