How We Advocate

Integrated Care

We champion person-centered services and joint support between NHS, local, and community organisations. There should be no wrong door and no red tape for patients. Better information sharing will transform care for patients.


Shifting Care into the Community

We advocate for community based services with a therapeutic focus so that support is accessible for all. This will help people to get the care they need early. Our residents and participants tell us that this will prevent crisis and allow support to continue for sustained wellbeing and best outcomes.


Stigma and Discrimination

Stigma is at the root of many barriers to support and treatment, particularly for marginalised groups. Health inequalities and disparities are prevalent in our systems so we work for equity in health, social and justice pathways.


Mental Health Reform

Reforms to Mental Health legislation and practice is an urgent need as people are being oppressed at their time of need by regulations and services that are supposed to safeguard them. We want reform to ensure people are supported to be safe and to journey to recovery and well being.


Move on and Resettlement

Independent living is a vital and healthy goal for all in our society to live with dignity and autonomy. It facilitates family and community relationships so we seek to provide solutions to the problems created by our current housing crisis and to prevent homelessness.

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