The Social Interest Group (registered in England no. 9122052; Charity Commission no. 1158402) brings together health and social care organisations, offering greater strength to our member and partner organisations.

The Social Interest Group is an exciting venture whereby the charities and organisations who join us keep their individuality and cultures, whilst continuing to grow their business and reduce their back office costs.

Registered on 1st September 2014, the Social Interest Group is as an innovative response to the changing marketplace, in which there is increasing competition amongst charities for decreasing funding.

You can read more about our launch in 2014 on the Civil Society website.

Contact us about joining the Social Interest Group or working in partnership with us.

The founder members of the Social Interest Group are Penrose Options, Penrose Works Ltd and Equinox Care. These organisations provide support, care, accommodation and employment opportunities to people with a range of needs including: mental ill health, history of offending, alcohol and drug dependence, homelessness and people who have experience sexual exploitation.

On launching the Social Interest Group, Gill Arukpe, Group Chief Executive, said: ‘The Social Interest Group was born out of likeminded organisations coming together. Our agreed aims in establishing a new way of managing charitable businesses and social enterprises were: to ensure we remained competitive; to ensure we could meet the aims of our charities; to help more people; and to develop our staff and volunteers.”

Find out more about our ethos, our vision and mission and our charitable objectives at the Social Interest Group.

If you are a Chair or CEO of a charity, a commissioner of services or a government official, read more here about who we are for and please get in touch to start a conversation about working together.