SIG Penrose

SIG Penrose provides social support and health care for vulnerable adults in various settings, including prisons, hospitals, rough sleeping, or at-risk homelessness and is a specialist in rehabilitation and technical and therapeutic support that aids recovery, reduces reoffending and changes behaviour. Charity no. 01151455 Company no. 8466743

SIG Equinox

SIG Equinox provides personalised residential and community-based health and social care services for people furthest away from living independently to ensure stability, rehabilitation, resettlement and long-term recovery. Charity no. 0296694 Company no. 02114430

SIG Pathways to Independence

SIG Pathways to Independence provides supported housing, education, employment training, advice and counselling for vulnerable, single people and prison leavers experiencing homelessness across Kent and Medway, moving them beyond homelessness to be self-reliant and self-supporting. Charity no. 0292579 Company no. 01859070

SIG Housing Trust

SIG Housing Trust aims to create self-contained social housing units to improve the housing quality available for adults moving on from supported housing, prison, hospital and street homelessness. Charity no. 01166811 Company no. 09918302

SIG Safe Ground

SIG Safe Ground is an expert in designing and delivering arts-based, therapeutic group work and operates nationally in custodial and community settings, creating spaces where transformational change can occur. Analysis of their Fathers Inside Programme showed a 40% reduction in re-offending by programme participants. (Justice Data Lab, 2016). Charity no. 01048181 Company no. 03080847

Milner Gibson Limited

Milner Gibson Limited is a social enterprise where residents and participants from the charities in the SIG Group were employed to give them work experience. Milner Gibson Limited is currently dormant.