What can our group structure offer your charity or organisation?

By joining or working in partnership with the Social Interest Group, we can work with you to:

  • improve the quality of service delivery to your service users
  • save money and increase efficiencies for your organisation and funders
  • maintain and enhance your brand identity and unique services
  • reduce your organisational risks
  • increase your development opportunities
  • share knowledge and resources across our dynamic group

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Gain from consolidation with the Social Interest Group

The future for the voluntary sector is consolidation.

Working in smarter, more cost-effective ways is increasingly being required to win new business and retain contracts.

Commissioners of services and other funding bodies want the organisations they fund to demonstrate financial innovation and improve outcomes.

Our group structure at the Social Interest Group offers our members and partners opportunities to save money, without compromising the services they provide.

By joining us, you benefit from high quality governance and back office services – all of which help to deliver your objectives and prove your value.

Read more here about the benefits of working together.

Retain your uniqueness with the Social Interest Group

We believe that the organisations who join us should retain their identity, unique services and expertise, which otherwise may be lost through mergers and acquisitions.

Our group structure was devised with this key principle in mind.

Our founder members were all established organisations in their sectors, when they joined the Social Interest Group. Their identities and unique services were vital assets to preserve.

Going forward, we are building on this by attracting more organisations with established reputations into our group.

Organisations working across the health and social care spectrum are very welcome to contact us about working together.