Joseph’s Story's story

Resettlement can be a challenging time for many. Joseph needed help to resettle in the community. He was living in temporary accommodation when he came to Penrose Synergy Universal for support to live in the community and manage his accommodation. He was using drugs and was engaging with Resolutions, a drug recovery service. He was struggling financially, was in rent arrears and needed help to set up a Repayment Plan.

Synergy contacted the Council to set up a payment plan consisting of weekly payments to help Joseph get back on track. The council had moved him to more secure and settled sheltered accommodation. Still, with no white goods or furniture on the property, Joseph wasn’t optimistic about his future as he owned nothing. Synergy used its Household Fund to buy white goods and furniture for Joseph, including a fridge, washing machine, microwave, plates, a bed and bedding, which was of great help to him, and soft furnishings like rugs for the lounge and bedroom to ensure it felt more homely. Due to his change of address, Joseph needed Synergy’s help to change from Employment and Support Allowance to Universal Credit. Synergy persuaded Universal Credit to accept Joseph’s application by phone as he couldn’t manage an online account. During such challenging times, Synergy signed Joseph up to local food banks, ensuring he had additional support. Joseph engaged well with Penrose, has settled into his home and was very grateful for the help.