Our mission is to empower people by building powerful partnerships and creative solutions that bridge gaps in provision and aid recovery, reablement and resettlement.


A transparent caring world in which people have equity of access to a good home, health care, social support, and employment.



“Eager to succeed and to accomplish as much as possible for our people.”

As Lewisham’s first forensic mental health service, we draw on a wealth of experience in each area we serve. This provides a solid foundation for developing a culture of continuous improvement, always striving for greater efficiency and effectiveness in our work.

We strive for exceptional quality standards, providing a person-centred service with a 3% rate of recidivism.


“Giving staff and the people we support the tools, training and information they need to achieve their potential.”

We are a safe and well-led organisation valuing our people first and foremost and investing in their personal development and career progression.

Our experienced and qualified staff provide a safe environment supporting our residents and participants to reach their potential, offering choice and control to lead fulfilled, healthy and constructive lives.


“Upfront and visible about our actions and open to scrutiny from stakeholders, residents and participants and staff.”

We maintain honest and effective relationships with staff, partners and commissioners to deliver a coherent and comprehensive service to people that need us most.

We value openness in all our communication and believe that a transparent approach to workplace interactions results in the best outcomes for our residents and participants and partners.


“Listening to, understanding, and including stakeholders to ensure we make a difference and get things right.”

We place our residents and participants voices at the heart of everything we do – prioritising their diverse and individual needs.

We offer a wide range of services and have the tenacity to succeed in working with people with challenging multiple and complex disadvantages where other organisations might not. Our strength is in our culture, diversity and equality of opportunity.