Our mission & vision

Working in partnership, to deliver quality support, health and social care through prevention, early intervention, recovery and rehabilitation.

Our vision:

To create a society in which vulnerable people have the opportunity to live fulfilled, healthy and constructive lives.

Our values

Eager to succeed and to accomplish as much as possible for our people.

As the first forensic mental health service to be established in Lewisham, we draw on a wealth of experience in each of the areas we serve. This provides a solid foundation on which to develop a culture of continuous improvement, always striving for greater efficiency and effectiveness in the work we undertake.

We strive for exceptional standards of quality; providing a person-centred service with a rate of recidivism at about 3%.

Giving staff and the people we support the tools, training and information they need to achieve their potential.

We are a safe and well led organisation which values each of our staff as people first and foremost and invests in their personal development and career progression.

Our experienced and qualified staff provide a safe environment in which service users are supported to reach their greatest potential, have choice and control over their own development and have fulfilled, healthy and constructive lives.

Upfront and visible about our actions and open to scrutiny from stakeholders, service users and staff.

We maintain honest and effective relationships with our staff, partners and commissioners, to allow us to deliver a coherent and comprehensive service to our users.

We value openness in all our communication and believe that a transparent approach to workplace interactions results in the best outcomes for service users and partners alike.

Listening to, understanding, and including all our stakeholders to ensure we make a difference and get things right.

We place the voice of the service user at the heart of everything we do – prioritising their diverse and individual needs.

We offer a wide spectrum of services and have the tenacity to succeed with challenging and complex service users where other organisations might not. Our strength is in our culture, diversity and equality of opportunity.

Our objectives

These objectives provide a solid understanding of what is expected from each team member and how their daily actions fit into the bigger picture. All staff have visibility of how their actions impact the Group as a whole and ultimately those we serve. Our core values are embedded in all we do and ensure our behaviours reflect those values.

Our strategic objectives:

  • Achieve Long Term Financial Stability - We need to ensure that financial barriers do not distract us from our main purpose of supporting Service Users to lead fulfilling and independent lives.
  • Continually Improve and Enhance our Quality and Performance - We will continue to improve the quality and performance of our services. We are committed to providing our Services Users with the best possible experience at each and every one of our sites.
  • Keeping the culture, purpose, our values and Service Users at the heart of what we do - We recognise the importance of our culture across our existing and new work and are committed to ensuring that we have a collaborative approach to change.
  • To Grow and Extend Our Impact - We recognise that we need to grow and extend our impact to create efficiencies and are committed to ensuring that our unique approach is available to as many Service Users as possible.
  • Work to Influence Positive Social Change - We will ensure that we join in relevant sector campaigns that galvanises Government support and fight for better funding and pay.

Our charitable objectives:

  • To relieve people in need, including but not limited to those with mental health illness, those currently suffering from or recovering from substance misuse or other addictive behaviour patterns, offenders, ex-offenders, the homeless, poor people, aged, disabled (whether physically or mentally) or chronically sick and to assist and relieve such persons' family, dependents and other carers who are in need as a result of that person's problems.
  • To promote and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its charitable subsidiaries in fulfilling their charitable objectives.
  • To further such other exclusively charitable purposes according to the Law of England and Wales as the trustees in their absolute discretion from time to time determine.
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