Benefits of working together: charities and social enterprises 

Are you the Chair or the CEO of a charity or social enterprise in the health and social care sector?

Is your organisation facing any of these challenges?:

  • how to grow your business with increasing pressure on funding streams
  • how to deliver efficiencies for your commissioners
  • how to preserve the high quality services you offer to people
  • how to work in partnership, whilst retaining your identity
  • how to reduce your back office costs
  • how to reduce duplication of effort

The Social Interest Group can help with all these challenges.

Our robust structure and governance model support you to deliver your objectives.

We serve our members and partners by supporting you at board level and providing high quality back office services. Our group-wide services, include: governance, finance, HR, IT, marketing, quality & compliance and service user integration.

To start a conversation about joining or working in partnership with the Social Interest Group, contact us today.

Benefits of working together: commissioners and service users

The Social Interest Group has been developed to enrich opportunities for people facing social and health challenges.

Our innovative structure and model assist charities and social enterprises to flourish in a competitive marketplace.

This has direct benefits for commissioners and service users.

Please contact us if you are a commissioner of health and social care services, to understand how our model offers you better value and accountability, in terms of the services you commission.

If you are a health and social care service user, including those provided by the Social Interest Group and our members, we are always interested to hear your views.

At a strategic level, the Social Interest Group ensures service user integration is embedded in all that we do.

In practice, this means we have many opportunities at the Social Interest Group for service users to get their voice heard and effect change at an individual, service and organisational level.

Contact us to express your views and find out the ways you can get involved at the Social Interest Group.

Benefits of working together: government departments

The Social Interest Group was born out of a changing marketplace, with more organisations competing for decreasing funding.

Working in partnership, we offer greater strength and resilience to charities and social enterprises.

We have a robust approach to governance and financial accountability, offering third sector organisations opportunities for growth and cost-savings.

We are looking to work very closely with relevant government departments, including health, social care and criminal justice, as we support more charities and social enterprises in these sectors.

If you are a Government Minister or Officer with responsibility for health, social care or criminal justice policy, please get in touch here.