Expectant mothers, mothers with children under the age of 16 and single women aiming to have guardianship of their children at risk of Domestic Abuse. Please note that we cannot accept referrals from women living in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Referral path

You can refer yourself to this service, and your GP, housing provider and other professionals can also make referrals.

SIG Penrose – Women’s Refuge Service

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Similar Services

  • Homelessness & Complex Needs Mental Health Women's Services

    SIG Penrose – Bridge House

    SIG Penrose - Bridge House is a mother-and-child accommodation-based service located in Luton. We support women and their children through homelessness into safe, secure, independent accommodation.

    Location: Luton

    Telephone: 015 8257 2559

    Email: bridgehouse@penrose.org.uk

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  • Homelessness & Complex Needs Mental Health Women's Services

    SIG Equinox – Brighton Women’s Service

    SIG Equinox - Brighton Women’s Service is a female-only residential project providing low, medium and high support for women who have experienced homelessness, subtance use, criminal justice history, mental health and domestic abuse.

    Location: Brighton

    Telephone: 012 7332 5766

    Email: janie.pamment@equinoxcare.org.uk

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  • Homelessness & Complex Needs Mental Health

    SIG Penrose – Croydon Forensic Mental Health Step-Down

    Forensic mental health step-down service specialising in forensic mental health, complex needs and dual diagnosis.

    Location: Croydon

    Telephone: 020 3668 9270

    Email: enquiries@socialinterestgroup.org.uk

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  • Mental Health

    SIG Penrose – Jigsaw

    Mental health complex needs service delivering accommodation-based and floating support focused on prevention, early intervention and reintegration.

    Location: London

    Telephone: 020 8690 4668

    Email: enquiries@socialinterestgroup.org.uk

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