All our services operate according to Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE) principles, where we reflect on our actions and how we can be more effective.

We do this in collaboration with residents and participants to help understand their needs, including the importance of physical surroundings and their impact on their health and wellbeing and that of our staff.

We train staff in Trauma Informed Care and the principles of Compassion Focused Therapy to help them work with people with multiple and complex disadvantages.

We aim to promote health, wellbeing and happiness by supporting staff to build compassion and resilience. Regular Reflective Practice allows frontline staff to share best practices and learnings while building resilience, reflecting on their work’s impact on their emotional lives.

These are often rooted in trauma, so instead of thinking about what is ‘wrong’ with people, we try to understand what has happened to them and how this affects their responses and behaviour, using an Asset-Based Approach to identify resources and build resilience.

Linked to PIE is the Enabling Environments Award. This standards-based quality improvement process promotes the value of relationships in healthy social environments to improve positive outcomes. The Royal College of Psychiatrists does this assessment. We achieved Enabling Environments status in our service supporting people with Personality Disorders who have come through the Criminal Justice System.