We are experts in delivering innovative integrated health and social care to ensure people accessing our services achieve the best outcomes. We specialise in supporting people with the most complex multiple disadvantages and challenges in life who often have chaotic backgrounds, including forensic histories, substance and alcohol use disorders, mental ill-health, and personality disorders, many of whom live with trauma.

We work closely in partnership with commissioners, mental health trusts, GPs, clinicians, local community groups and people in the criminal justice service to help better understand the needs and identify the proper support and care for our clients.

We have a breadth of experience and expertise, especially around managing risk and enabling the hardest-to-reach to join in and make positive changes to their lives and the community in which they live.

Our main aim is to provide holistic person-centred support to ensure the true integration and co-production of services that work together to change lives.

We focus on five key areas with residents and participants to ensure they have the best chance of moving in a positive direction:

  • Economic Well-being

    Economic Well-being

    Each resident and participant has their journey to achieving economic well-being. We provide support tailored to individual circumstances. Maximising income early in the support planning process helps foster independence and recovery.

  • Staying Safe

    Staying Safe

    We support people in addressing specific risk areas. Positive risk management and good decision-making can keep residents, participants and the local community safe. It can be a gradual process as residents and participants engage and develop trust in the support provided by us.

  • Achieving ambitions

    Achieving ambitions

    We support residents and participants in achieving their ambitions and aspirations. These may include gaining basic skills, including literacy and social skills. We provide support to improve social links with family, develop positive social links with friends and develop roots within the local community.

  • Healthy living

    Healthy living

    We support residents and participants to access the primary healthcare they require and take responsibility for their nutrition and exercise. To achieve this, we work in partnership with various specialist agencies. We also run events and programmes designed to foster healthy lifestyles, increasing social inclusion and improving links with the local community.

  • Making positive contributions

    Making positive contributions

    Residents and particpants begin contributing from the outset as services are co-produced with them. Lived experience is used across the organisation in training staff and policy development. We work in partnership with community, voluntary and statutory agencies to create opportunities for residents and participants to utilise their skills and time positively in the local community.