Adults on licence or serving a community sentence who need support engaging with existing traditional support pathways.

Referral path

Referrals are through London CRC and MTCNovo.

SIG Penrose – CFO Activity Hubs

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Similar Services

  • Homelessness & Complex Needs OPD Pathways Women's Services

    SIG Penrose – OPD HASS HerStory House

    HerStory House is a specialist high support female residential service specifically designed for women with multiple and complex needs who have offended.

    Location: Brixton

    Telephone: 020 3668 9270

    Email: referrals.hsh@penrose.cjsm.net

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  • Criminal Justice Training Programmes

    SIG Safe Ground – Therapeutic Group Programmes

    SIG has been delivering effective Criminal Justice Services for more than 50 years. We work across the system, supporting people towards building a healthy future, free from crime.

    Location: London

    Telephone: 0796 608 1094

    Email: safe.ground@socialinterestgroup.org.uk

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