Thank You

Dear colleagues

It’s strange how the world works isn’t it? Only two weeks ago the government were describing social care workers as ‘unskilled’ and the media spent time devaluing the very skilled and essential work those on the front line are doing. Now, in the midst of this potential crisis, these ‘unskilled workers’, some of whom are the lowest paid in society, are the first line of defence supporting people who are ill, lonely, vulnerable and afraid. I’m hoping that this will be a wake up call to the Government to properly recognise the value of the role support and care workers play in our society and end this ‘race to the bottom’ approach when it comes to contract price setting and stop the cutting of essential budgets for social care providers like us.

I want to say how proud I am of the way our staff, both in the services and in the offices, have responded in this heightened time of need. I’m hearing stories and cases across the businesses of how teams are adapting their working patterns, styles, and locations to ensure they still deliver quality support and care to those who need it the most. Commissioners are hearing it as well and we are beginning to receive calls requesting our help to solve issues such as the lack of hospital beds and the need for quality community support for people who are blocking beds and need discharging from Hospital.

It’s not easy right now for any of us to not feel worried about our friends, family, and ourselves and I want to say thank you to all of you that are getting up, and coming to work, to care and support the people we work with. It isn’t going unnoticed and when we are through all of this we will be finding a way to celebrate and thank you all properly.

Please do keep watching your emails for updates from EMT, Heads of Service and Service Managers; more and more information is also being put on to the intranet so do make sure you check the news section there regularly as well.

Stay well, let your managers know if there are any changes in your health, or the health of your family, and I will be in touch again soon.

Best wishes

Gill Arukpe, Executive Trustee and Group