We know that exercise can help you to keep physically fit and strong, but it can also help to ensure you have good mental health too. So why not challenge yourself by taking part in a sporting activity to achieve your personal goals and raise money for Social Interest Group?

We have given you a selection to choose from below, but you can also organise your own challenges or fundraise for us whilst taking part in an event you have already registered for.

Don’t forget to create a JustGiving page and to tell us what you’re doing so that we can help to promote it on social media!

London Marathon – 24th April 2022
More information about how to enter the ballot for the 2022 event will be available later in the year.

Running not exciting enough? Then test your limits by taking part in the ultimate challenge. Why not get a group of your colleagues involved to see who can really keep up with the pace!

London Tough Mudder – 8th & 9th October 2021

We understand that everyone has their own pace, so if either of the above are not to your taste then why not try a walking challenge instead – make sure you’re wearing comfy shoes though as those feet are going to be sore afterwards with this one!

London Winter Walk – 29th & 30th January 2022

If you prefer to, you can organise your own family friendly 5k or 10k.

Click this link to download our fundraising toolkit.
SIG Fundraising toolkit

Below are a few examples of campaigns we have participated in:

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