Substance Misuse – Marvin’s Story's story

Marvin has been in the criminal justice system and has mental health challenges. He is currently engaged with Penrose Floating Support Services from our Enfield Service

With support from his Resettlement Support Worker, he has undergone a series of training courses including a construction skills training course with the Hackney Foundation. He has a CSCS card which has enabled him to find a paid, full time job.  He has also been supported by his Resettlement Support Worker to undertake an adult literacy and innumeracy course to assist him with his dyslexia.

Those with complex needs can turn their lives around with individualized, focused support such as that offered by our service in conjunction with the Community Mental Health Trust.

Marvin is currently renting privately but is in the process of being offered permanent accommodation by Enfield Council following a referral from his Resettlement Support Worker. Marvin is fully occupied with his work and has not re-offended.

*Marvin’s real name has been changed to protect his identity