About the Programme

Make Your Mark is a creative self-development drop-in programme designed for women. Participants are supported through a process of personal reflection and creative self-expression. They are invited to tell their story and make their mark in this space.

Personal reflection, self-expression and group discussion are inspired by various creative stimuli, including self-portraiture; abstract painting; speech writing; drama; artistic manifesto; performance art; collage; poetry, and spoken word.

Women benefit from participating in each stand-alone session, although attendance at all eight sessions is encouraged.

Programme Structure

Length: 8 weeks

Duration: 8 weekly sessions, each lasting 2 hours

Frequency: Delivered on a part-time basis

Group Size: 6-12 participants (18+)

Staff: 2 x Female Programme Facilitators

Delivery Mode: Quality assurance (train the trainer), co-delivery, and direct delivery models are available

Key Elements

  • Two skilled female facilitators
  • A female-only group
  • Therapeutic group space
  • Flexible attendance
  • All art materials provided
  • An accompanying Thinking Space journal for all participants
  • Alumni network available to participants who complete the programme

Impact and Evidence

Over eight sessions, Make Your Mark participants reported significant increases in the ability to:

  • Speak about oneself with confidence
  • Identify one’s strengths and coping strategies
  • Navigate change
  • Understand and express your wants and needs
  • Recognise one’s talents, contributions, and achievements
  • See the value in creative self-expression


“When I heard about the role-play bit, I didn’t think I could do it, so I wasn’t going to bother coming. But I’m glad I did. It’s really good to do something different, and the role-play wasn’t even that scary. It was a bit of fun.  I think everyone should give it a go.”Make Your Mark participant, 2022

“She’s used the project as a springboard for further training and will shortly be embarking on online training and other courses tailored to her career goal. She expressed the fact that Make Your  Mark had an effect on her family at home, on their relationships and has led to micro-changes and improvements in how they speak to each other.”Make Your Mark facilitator, 2021

“I usually keep myself to myself, but the way we do this course makes it easy to chat to other people.”Make Your Mark participant, 2022

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