Sarah’s Blog – The Perfect Storm

Sarah is a Service User within our Brighton Trailblazer service, who has recently completed a programme of recovery and been supported to get her own home. The aim of t…

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20 August 2020
Stuart’s Blog – Living With Diabetes

This blog is from Stuart Jenkin, the Vice Chair of our Board, about how he copes with his diabetes. Many Service Users and some of our staff also live with this disease,…

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29 July 2020
Katherine’s Blog – Fundraising

We have now published our fundraising page and have launched our first campaign and welcomed the first of our donors through the door. We are now well on our way to build…

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29 July 2020
Colm’s Blog – Pride & Prejudice

It’s probably because of the strange times we are in, but I had to be reminded that June is Pride month.  I suppose I have started to get used to seeing rainbow flag…

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23 June 2020
Adam’s Blog – The Calm Inside the Storm

It’s day 36 in the Big Brother pandemic simulator; the area formally known as my living room re-purposed for strategic-level admin. I use two screens to make myself feel…

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28 April 2020
Darren’s Blog – Securing our Future

So here we are in the third week of the significant government enforced restrictions. I am not personally a fan of the term “lockdown”, it sounds like something which is…

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7 April 2020
Colm’s Blog – Keeping things PIE in challenging times

As we move into April and a new month in lockdown, I am aware of the growing challenges of social distancing and self-isolation. For many of our Service Users, isolation…

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1 April 2020
Cassie’s Blog – Room with a View

Today we are testing our pandemic plans across the business which includes closing Head Office. But what does home working look like for me? Well, this little fella, Budd…

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19 March 2020
Gill’s Blog – Thank You

Dear colleagues It’s strange how the world works isn’t it? Only two weeks ago the government were describing social care workers as ‘unskilled’ and the media spent time d…

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18 March 2020
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