Your identity, your choice! A Statement of Support for Transgender People

At Social Interest Group, we champion the importance of positive identity as a crucial element in health, happiness, and independence.

Therefore, we have been deeply concerned by the recent hostile language used by a number of high-profile individuals in mainstream politics, including the Prime Minister. How an individual chooses to identify is a matter of personal choice so long as it does no harm to others, and we condemn in the strongest possible terms the comments made by the Prime Minister, Home Secretary, and Health Secretary last week.

These remarks are inaccurate and irresponsible, and risk inciting further hatred and violence against transgender people at a time when it already takes real courage for people to feel they can be themselves. Recorded hate crimes against trans people rose 11% in the year leading up to March 2023 and are at their highest rate since the government first started recording that statistic over a decade ago.

As an organisation, we stand together with all residents, participants, and staff members who have been affected by these remarks in any way. Our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Programme Manager, Norman Alcide, works with staff, residents, and participants, providing advice, support and advocacy for those experiencing discrimination on grounds of age, disability, gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation.

Together, we want to see a world where how someone chooses to identify is a cause for celebration and where gender identity is an irrelevance when it comes to being able to access opportunities and support to live a healthy and happy life. We stand in solidarity with trans people everywhere.