Surviving COVID-19

Over the last few weeks, Service Users and Staff at our Churchfield service have been reflecting on the months in lockdown, what this means to them, and how they have been coping. Something that has become increasingly clear, is that everyone’s experience during this time has been vastly different. To demonstrate this, they decided to materialise their thoughts and feelings into a service-wide project, a ‘Surviving COVID-19’ collage.

Each Service User and Staff member at Churchfield, contributed a piece of art to the project. They took the form of quotes, poems, letters, colourings and drawings, which have now been proudly put together and displayed in the TV room.  As time goes on, the service will be able to look back at this time and see a physical embodiment of how lockdown felt for them. They will continue to add to it as their feelings change. Though ‘lockdown’ can feel quite negative, working on the collage as a service has sparked creativity and joy in this dark time, and continues to inspire and brighten the service.