Solace Garden Project

Our Solace Centre service received a grant from the National Lottery to enlarge their garden and grow vegetables and fruits to encourage healthy eating amongst their members.

They have been very busy with the project and have made exciting changes to the garden.

The project so far…

There was a section in the garden next door which was wasteland which they took over. The members weeded this, then had the fence moved back and an area was paved. Then the fence was moved back and the area paved. They then painted the fencing and moved the shed over from the other end of the garden to the new spot. The gardening group also started sowing seeds and the old shed’s base was uplifted, enabling that area to become the new raised bedding area.

There is still more to be done but they are well on the way with the garden transformation. We wish them well and can’t wait to see the end product.