Penrose CJS’ Work Highlighted in MOJ report

Our Criminal Justice Services are doing extremely important work in the resettlement area. The October quarterly report from the Ministry of Justice Data Lab has highlighted the positive work being carried out by our Penrose CJS colleagues.  

‘The analysis looked at the reoffending behaviour of individuals who participated in a Penrose CJS intervention in the London area. The overall results show that those who took part in the intervention had a lower one-year proven reoffending rate, and lower reoffending frequency compared to a matched comparison group. 19% of the treatment group reoffended in the year following release from prison. This is significantly fewer than the comparison group (31%).

“This analysis provides evidence that support from Penrose CJS may decrease the number of proven reoffenders during a one-year period.”

Please use the link below, to access the full report.

Our Director of Criminal Justice Services and complex needs said: “We recognise that the factors supporting desistance from crime are myriad and complex, and that no single intervention will alone be sufficient to break patterns of entrenched offending behaviour. However, we are extremely encouraged by these results, which strongly indicate that our asset-based approach to working with people in criminal justice settings supports reductions in reoffending.”

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