New Hope Anniversary & BHM Celebration

Our New Hope service held a joint event in celebration of its 22nd birthday and Black History Month. The event was Service User led and took place in a marquee in the back garden which was specially decorated by the Service Users.

The event began with a welcome from the Service Users’ representative. This was followed by a speech from another Service User (the DJ for the day) on his experience of being a resident at New Hope and how appreciative he is of the continuing support from staff.

Another service user gave a presentation on the history of jollof rice, its origin, ingredients and preparation. Jollof rice is one of the most popular dishes in West Africa, which is also a popular dish among New Hope residents, so this was well received by all present.

Next on the agenda was a Service User led quiz on famous black icons, past and present, with two prizes (winner and runner up) handed out.

The day concluded with the cutting of the New Hope birthday cake and a group photo holding letters reading, “New Hope, together we can.”

Following the cutting of the take, everyone enjoyed a variety of delicious dishes including jollof rice, of course!