Jubilee Celebration – Bridge House

Bridge House’s Jubilee celebration took the form of an afternoon tea party in the garden.

The day started with Alex and Karen running a morning baking session with two of the residents and children. They made cheese scones, fruit scones, biscuits and cupcakes.

Sue and other residents spent the morning making sandwiches and other savoury dishes.

Staff and residents also spent part of the morning decorating – inside and the garden. All the soft play items were put out in preparation for the afternoon.

In the afternoon residents and children decorated the cakes and biscuits made earlier.

Later, games such as Higher or Lower were played in the lounge and in the garden including, Skittles and Ring toss. The children loved the ring toss and skittles laughing every time the skittles went down.

Then it was time to partake of the goodies, a buffet of the items made earlier as well as drinks and fruit.

Feedback from a resident: “I love when you do activities like this, it’s fun to do anything creative and I enjoy spending the time with everyone. Thank you for organising all of this, you do so much for us, and we are really grateful” – DS

This was a lovely event, a fitting celebration of the Queen’s jubilee.