‘I Am More Than’ Exhibition Launch

Thursday 4th May, saw the launch of the Brighton Fringe Bursary Winner 2023, SIG Equinox Brighton Women’s Service exhibition launch.

‘I AM MORE THAN’ is an artistic project set up by SIG EQUINOX’s Brighton Women’s Service, which supports women in the city experiencing homelessness. The project empowers these women to use their creative voices to tell their communities who they are and that they are not defined by homelessness or any of the many issues that run alongside it. It aims to help women to challenge their own negative belief systems about themselves and help them regain self-worth and confidence.

This year they collaborated with Bloom Café, Brighton. A project of Safehaven (St Peters) and Brighton Probation.

Janie Pamment, Service Manager at Brighton Women’s Service, said: “We are very pleased to present the courageous artistic work of the women at Brighton Women’s Service. These women have overcome their own personal challenges to share with us their experiences of what it feels like to be homeless in Brighton. Our hope is that this will encourage people to view them from a different perspective.”

‘I Am More Than’ is a Brighton Fringe art exhibition encouraging women with homeless experiences to explore their own identity and seek different ways to view themselves by celebrating their strengths and attributes.

“We are strong! We want to use our voices to share stories and experiences in our own words.” This creative work expresses all aspects of such varied lives. The positives and the negatives. Joining up with local hostels and charities on this project, they invite the community to challenge their own perceptions and beliefs. We are proud to showcase Brighton Women’s Service and the therapeutic value of working with this diverse group of women across Brighton and Hove.

The exhibition runs from Thursday 4th May – Wednesday 31st May.

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