Food & Fun – Jigsaw’s Annual BBQ

Jigsaw’s annual BBQ was held on Friday 29th July, at the service’s main hub in Catford, and what a wonderful event it was! There were games, dancing, plenty of food and drinks and much lively conversations.

The BBQ was well attended by partners, staff, residents and participants as well as staff and participants from some of our other services. There was also a Head of Service, and Service managers from other services, central office staff, Care coordinators from the CMHT and the MHT Housing manager who were also amongst the guests.

It was an opportunity for staff and Participants and Residents to work together and enjoy a day of fun, games and food. Afia Dapaah, Community forensic mental health worker said: “I think today has been successful because all of the staff came together and did their bit and the Service Users showed up and participated in the planned games and activities.

Afia’s views were echoed by resident Rueben who lives at Jigsaw and was the DJ for the day. He said: “I’ve had a great time today. I saw a bunch of people I’ve never seen before. I was the DJ, so I made sure I played great music. I’ve been here about a year now and I can say this is a great place to be if you are well. The independence you get from being in your own flat is a great way to prepare for genuine independent living. It’s nice that there are opportunities to work, doing things like interviewing and helping with activities. So yes, this has been a great day!”

Also at the event was Layla Mohammed, the Supported Housing manager for the housing corporation that owns the house. This was her second time attending the BBQ and she thought that it was interesting to see the residents enjoying themselves with other people, not just their peers, but staff and residents from other services as well. She said: “Compared to some of the other buildings we manage, Jigsaw is a really stable environment and that is down to the way the staff run the service. Regular communication with and monitoring of residents certainly adds to that. It is refreshing to see the camaraderie and enjoyment everyone has gotten from today.”

The final word was given to Olubunmi Omisore Head of Service for South London and Service Manager for Lewisham. She said: “This BBQ has been amazing. Jigsaw’s BBQ is always amazing. They always have plenty to eat, lovely music to dance to and just a great atmosphere. There’s been so many Service Users from other services as well.”

Congratulations Gemma and her staff, residents and participants for their excellent hospitality and making everyone feel so welcome.

Until next year!