Figures Show Gender-Based Violence at An All-time High

Today we are saddened by the news that female homicide is at its highest level in over a decade.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) released that in March 2019 and the twelve months preceding there were 241 female victims of murder, manslaughter and infanticide. Nearly half of these were victims of domestic homicide.

Every day we see how the impact of domestic abuse and violence against women and girls reaches far and wide, not only to the victims / survivors we support, our female colleagues but the communities around us. Social Interest Group provisions and services often provide women with their only place of safety. With around 38% of these female deaths suspected of being killed by partners or ex-partners we know how vital this truly is.

We are wholly overwhelmed by these figures but recognise that these are devastatingly foreseeable as in the last year we have launched new residential provisions that are dedicated to women with multiple and complex needs. We have also acknowledged the need for us as an organisation to ensure commitment and focus to trauma-informed approaches, providing specialist understanding of the adverse experiences that those we support have endured. Our commitment continues and our ongoing work to empower women with choice, control and safe shelter is unwavering.

The irony that we discuss this on Valentine’s Day is not lost on us. No death should be expected, and no violence and abuse tolerated, today and every day we stand in solidarity with female survivors and victims.