Embracing Equity – Tracey

Continuing with our IWD series on SIG women, I met with Tracey, a Participant who runs one of the groups at SIG Penrose Synergy. The group, which meets every Friday, is aimed at anyone in the community with mental health issues, particularly those with anxiety and depression. They have games, craft sessions, painting, pottery, day trips, cultural trips (museums, etc.), lunch, and snacks. They also celebrate special events such as Mental Health Awareness Day, Black History Month, and International Women’s Day.

Tracey, who has been attending the group for about two years, was nominated to run the sessions by the other members. She has been a Carer for her mother for more than ten years and supports the rest of her extended family in various ways.

Leading the group has boosted Tracey’s confidence and shown her that she has value and can give back. She feels that the group definitely embraces equity as they aim to be inclusive of everyone no matter where they are in their journeys and what their diagnosis is. She feels there aren’t enough groups like these around, and SIG Penrose Synergy is a good place for these types of groups, which is so vital to the community.

“Tracey said: “In the group, we share stories and talk to each other about our mental health and places we can get help from. I hope we can arrange Talk Therapy and guest speakers on different topics to join the group during some of our sessions. Coming to the group is a great help and a stress reliever for most of us, and we cannot thank SIG Penrose Synergy enough for providing this opportunity.”

The last year was difficult for Tracey but this year she is determined to be better. She has a son and a daughter and four beautiful grandchildren whom she adores. Her children and grandchildren help her to have a reason to go on. “My anxiety got worse after losing her dad and I feel people don’t talk about these things enough or know where to get help. I think that the NHS and places like The Samaritans and Total Wellbeing embrace equity and have helped me and others in crisis. The pressure on the NHS means they can’t always concentrate on vulnerable people. But I don’t think women are treated any differently than men. I think we have equal access.

SIG Penrose Synergy truly embraces equity in the way they treat clients, and I love the staff here.”