Croydon Trip to Brighton

The residents of the Croydon services, staff and management journeyed to Brighton Beach on 28th July and had a lovely day out.

The day began at a café where the residents had an enjoyable full English breakfast. Afterwards, they walked around the shopping centre.

A few residents decided they wanted to explore by themselves, and staff approved this, asking them to meet back at the clock tower later in the afternoon.

The staff, along with the remaining residents, headed towards the beach and went to the Brighton Pier where they played a game of air hockey in the arcades.

Around lunchtime, everyone sat down to fish and chips.

Some of the group went into the, then headed back to the clock tower to meet up with the small group, then made their way back to the service.

Overall, it was a lovely annual trip, and they will definitely be doing it again next year!