Carers Week

This is Carers Week, an annual event that aims to spread awareness, love, and appreciation of the fantastic individuals who spend a large majority of their time looking after the well-being of others. The theme this year is ‘Recognising and supporting carers in the community.’

So, today we hear from our Penrose Community Care and Support (PCCS) colleague Veronica Claridi about the work of her staff at PCCS which provides intensive floating support services to those diagnosed with mental and/or physical health needs.

“PCCS is our Mental Health support provider that enables those in the community with mental health challenges to live independently. They are supported with all aspects of Activities of Daily Living (ADL), such as managing their finances, domestic support, community outreach, medication supervision, immigration support, repairs, contact with different local authorities and benefits departments, shopping, escorting/reminding, medical appointments, well-being, and observation for early intervention for possible signs of relapse.

Our staff also offers daily emotional support as some of our clients, due to their diagnosis, live very isolated lives.  Their support workers are sometimes the only people they see and with whom they have built a trusted and, at times, dependable relationship. 

The relationship between PCCS support workers and clients is so much more than merely a job. When we say that we care, WE CARE.

Take Docia, for example – The wonderful Docia, to whom we have been providing support since 2019. Docia was diagnosed with bipolar and agoraphobia and has not left her house in many years, except when staff accompanies her to her appointments via cab twice a year for medical reviews.

Federica the Service Field Supervisor, went to visit Docia, and after supervising her medications, she noticed that Docia’s attention was directed to the sound of the ice cream van outside. Federica asked Docia if she wanted them to step outside together to purchase ice cream, but, Docia declined. Federica noticed the sadness in her eyes and asked her if, instead, she would be happy for Federica to treat her to ice cream.  The rest can be seen in the photos: Docia was so happy that she could not contain it. Federica reported that Docia, who is generally very shy and composed, danced in her kitchen and told her that she had not had ice cream from the van in a very long time.

This is just one example of what PCCS means to our clients and the support we give them.

In PCCS, we are all, from the Service Manager and the Manager Supervisor to each and every support worker, invested in the emotional and medical well-being of our Participants. If it can alleviate their solitude and sense of isolation, we would be happy to buy ice creams every day!”


Thank you to Veronica and all our PCCS colleagues for the very important work that you do everyday. Happy Carers Week!