Brent Trip to the Natural History Museum

Last month, our Brent Craven Park service took some of the residents to the Natural History Museum (NHM). Below is an account of the trip sent in by Peter Henderson.

“I’m sure others will agree, it’s sometimes difficult to find activities that interest our Service Users. When you discover a clue to a hidden passion, it’s best to grab it with both hands and arrange an activity around it.

So, when I found a Service User glued to the TV watching David Attenborough’s Life of Dinosaurs, I asked if he liked them. “I love them!” he said, “they’re fascinating.”

I wasted no time and booked a time slot and tickets to the NHM, as the museums in London are free.

The museum itself is an incredible piece of gothic architecture, and our first visit was to see Dippy the Diplodocus, the huge dinosaur who lived in the Great Hall for many years. Dippy has been on tour around the country for the last year, so we were lucky to catch him back for a short visit.

The Service Users really enjoyed seeing all the dinosaurs. We were all fascinated to know that many of these massive creatures were vegetarians. Clearly ahead of their time!

After lunch it was time to see the blue whale and many other skeletons of long-gone animals. It was a shame I didn’t take my dog; he would have loved all the bones!

It was a really fun and interesting day out for both Service Users and staff.”

Our thanks to Peter and all at Brent for organising and facilitating this trip.