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Today we are testing our pandemic plans across the business which includes closing Head Office. But what does home working look like for me? Well, this little fella, Buddy, is enjoying some company and certainly thinks he is adding value somehow!

Cassie’s dog

But that’s where the fun really stops, it can be quite socially isolating, and yet many of our clients face this every day. It has made me stop and think “what if every day was like this?”. A very sobering thought as I consider the fortune I have in the friends, family and great colleagues around me.

It’s also more tempting to send an email while I sit here and yet you will all know I am not a fan of them! So, I need to remember “it’s good to talk” as BT once said, and I would encourage you all to talk too, and keep talking. Together we are stronger and together we will get through these difficult times.

The last few days have also shown me the need for creativity in the way we think and deliver, overcoming barriers and making quick decisions. I had not envisaged within the first 3 months of my time with SIG that I would be dealing with a pandemic situation like this so it’s testing my skill set too.

As well as that little bit about me, I thought I’d give you a bit of an update on some of the things EMT have done over the last few days to support you on the front line;

  • An advert will be going out to recruit more bank staff to ensure that the pool of staff you have at your disposal during these times is sufficient
  • Assuring ourselves of the latest guidance around COVID19, so you don’t have to. There are reams of guidance out there, and hopefully our daily digest emails are helping you with the essential need to know information. Please let us know if you would like to see other information in there.
  • Planning, modelling and preparing for the impact of future decisions which included:
    • School closures – how many staff this could affect and how we could support them
    • Public transport closures – ensuring that we know where staff work and live so if required, they can work at a service nearer to them
    • Shortage of cash within the economy – how we ensure that you have the petty cash to deliver the services on the front line
    • Ordered more laptops to ensure that staff can be equipped to work from home where possible
    • How we could provide a centralised phone service for service users to call to who may be self-isolating.

Thank you for all you are doing to ensure we provide safe and healthy environments for each other and our service users.

Keep well.


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