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Job title
Senior Resettlement Coordinator
Work location
Kensington and Chelsea, London
£29, 000 per annum
Hours per week
Shift pattern
Monday to Sunday on a weekly rota basis (to include bank holidays)
Closing date
7 August 2022 - closed

Job overview

Recruitment closed

We are currently recruiting for a passionate, experienced and committed Senior Resettlement Coordinator to join our accommodation-based housing and relational support services for adults with complex needs based in Kensington and Chelsea, London.

The Senior Resettlement Coordinator will work in a dynamic and collaborative way with residents to support on them on their journey to sustainable independent living, by working with landlords, partner agencies, social housing and specialist accommodation within the community and local borough, building opportunities of realistic and sustainable move on for those we support. In addition, the Senior Resettlement Coordinator will directly supervise, coach and provide leadership to the Resettlement Coordinator.

The role will working alongside the wider Complex Hub team to deliver group, community based and 1-1 interventions and workshops, as well as other key engagement activities, supporting residents to further develop their talents and self-belief to end cycles of homelessness.

About the Service:

SIG: Penrose Complex Needs Hub is commissioned via the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to provide safe, accommodation-based housing and relational support services for people who are deemed to be socially excluded. The needs of service users may include but is not exclusive to:

  • Single homeless people with support needs
  • Rough sleepers or former rough sleepers
  • Offenders or ex-offenders
  • Refugees
  • People with substance misuse needs
  • People with multiple needs, including mental health needs
  • People with challenging behaviour(s)

Residents are referred via the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Once, accommodated, they will undergo a full assessment by our experienced staff, intended to identify support needs. We work in collaboration with community partners to provide risk management, support treatment, therapies, delivery of and access to interventions, and a safe environment for residents to learn and exercise new skills.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Management of crisis housing needs and escalation for urgent case and accommodation review
  • Provide housing support and advice to all residents in line with their own individual circumstances and restrictions.
  • Deliver tenancy management programmes in partnership with the Activities Coordinator, and other programmes as required.
  • Liaise closely with the residents Support Mentor and external circle of support to ensure that all plans are aligned with the support and risk management plans.
  • Build up a strong network with social housing, specialist care provisions and private landlords to support the move on process and ensure a smooth transition.
  • Support the service to identify step-down or step-up opportunities within the internal service pathway
  • Provide ‘book-end’ support to those journeying through the Complex Hub services
  • Coaching, performance management and leadership to the Resettlement Coordinator

Experience Required:

  • Experience of coordinating and/or delivering activities and interventions to vulnerable people.
  • Experience of working with those who have complex needs and challenging behaviour
  • Working knowledge of risk assessment and risk management
  • Evidence - based practice and training relevant to the role
  • Experience of joint working with statutory, voluntary and private sector agencies
  • Must be able to communicate highly complex and highly sensitive information effectively, to a wide range of people
  • Experience of recovery focused key working, support planning, needs and risk assessment
  • Excellent and proven ability to form effective positive and motivational relationships
  • Able to manage and de-escalate emotionally challenging and distressing situations
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