The Social Interest Group and Penrose host British Council visit from Judge Tesovic

On 7th April, the Social interest Group and Penrose hosted Judge Olga Tesovic, who is visiting the UK from Serbia as part of a British Council programme.

Judge Tesovic spent the morning with Gill Arukpe, Group Chief Executive of the Social Interest Group, before visiting Penrose Criminal Justice Services Community Hub in Wembley and Penrose New Hope community forensic mental health service.

Gill Arupke said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Judge Tesovic to our London headquarters, to share information and best practice about our criminal justice and forensic mental health services. We welcome approaches from professionals across the UK and Europe, as a means of fostering understanding and innovative partnerships.”

Judge Tesovic commented: “I’m a criminal judge at Basic Court in Požega. I am also doing my PHD studies, the theme of which is alternative sanctions to custodial sentencing. I am a participant of the British Council programme, part of Serbia’s requirements for entry into the European Union.

“On my visit to Penrose and the Social Interest Group, I was very interested in the treatment options available for alcohol and drug users, and the ways problems are solved, particularly relating to criminal court sentences and after release from prison. I am also very interested in mental health issues, so I was fascinated to find out about Penrose personality disorder services.

“During my visit to the UK, I have also visited the National Probation Service, London Family Court, Woolwich Crown Court, the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Justice.”

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