SIG members’ Service Centres to become Psychologically Informed Environments

May 15, 2017

SIG members, Penrose and Equinox Care, have begun the implementation of a Psychologically Informed Environment framework across all of its Service Centres in the UK.

The purpose of a psychologically informed environment is to enable clients to make positive changes to their lives.  It is one that takes into account the psychological makeup – the thinking, emotions, personalities and past experience – of its participants in the way that it operates.

The PIE framework also considers the psychological needs of our staff; developing skills and knowledge, increasing motivation, job satisfaction and resilience.

As SIG continues to grow and diversify we feel it is a good time to consider how we can develop our services so that they become even more effective. Becoming an organisation wide PIE will help us develop our service models further and subsequently help our Service Users to have happier lives.

We feel that working and caring about our staff and Service Users together will encourage the opportunity to reflect and develop awareness and skills that are psychologically informed and significantly improve outcomes for Service Users.

For further details contact Dolores Kelly, Marketing and Communications Manager at


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