Reduce your risks

Our governance model at the Social Interest Group was revised in November 2014, to ensure that we have tight scrutiny and oversight of our charities and a clear strategy that helps the subsidiaries within the Group meet their aims and objectives.

The Social Interest Group board of trustees and executive team oversee all our operations and business activities across the group which serve our members and partners. Find out more here about the skills and experience of our board and executive team.

We believe strongly, that working collaboratively together with a mixture of charities and social enterprise businesses, gets the best results for people who have to use charitable service because they may be vulnerable and have complex needs.

The aim of the Group is to gather together a very broad range of charities; to simplify the governance between them, tighten up risk management, develop and improve offers and reduce where possible central costs, to ensure charitable money is used effectively.

By working with us, we can assist you to reduce some of the risks you may be facing alone, including providing rigorous and strong back office services.

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within the Group

Each charity that joins the Group retains their distinct aims and objectives and strategies.

The board structure changes to ensure it meets the good of the Group as well as itself, whilst ensuring it continues to oversee the work of the charitable subsidiary and preserve its strategic direction.

All our members are represented on the Social Interest Group board and within our executive team. This helps to facilitate connection and development right across the Group, opening up development opportunities and reducing duplication of effort for all our members and partners.

The operational work of the services within the Group is overseen by an executive and senior management team to ensure best practice is shared across the Group.

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Innovate with us

We don’t just have one way of doing things.

Fixed ideas and set ways of working just aren’t flexible enough. Many partnerships and opportunities require a willingness to start with a blank piece of paper and work from there.

At the Social Interest Group, we are very interested in building relationships with, health and social care organisations, NHS Trusts, Criminal Justice providers both statutory and voluntary, CCGs and Local Authorities, who wish to develop entirely bespoke partnerships or initiatives with us.

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