Step Down Service – Luton Synergy

Our Luton Synergy service ran a sexual violence step-down service from January to March, with 3 months funding received from the Police & Crime Commissioner. The service provided a dedicated Floating Support Worker (FSW), who was able to reach all targets set by the commissioners. Referrals came from the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC).

Measures were put in place to get women the support they need – emotional, practical and advocacy. The FSW made referrals into community-based specialists to provide wraparound support and access and referrals to appropriate statutory and voluntary sector agencies, as part of an integrated step-down pathway.

In total, seven referrals were received with the women contacted within 24hrs of receiving the referral.  Thirty-six intervention support meetings were held, allowing the service to support; three Service Users to access other support provisions, five with housing needs and one to access benefits.

Case Study

GS is a victim of domestic abuse from her ex-partner. She has a diagnosis of depression and required support to improve her housing situation. Since her children who are of the opposite sex shared a room, a larger property was needed. Her housing association’s safeguarding team was contacted, and eventually GS was moved into a three-bedroomed property.

We are hopeful that we can procure grant funding to continue this brilliant and sadly much needed work.