SIG’s Christmas Roundup

Our services try to give Service Users as much normalcy as possible in order to live fulfilled lives. Christmas was no exception as they did all they could to ensure Service Users enjoyed the holidays, despite the restrictions imposed. Below is a snapshot of some of those celebrations.

Bridge House

Bridge House’s holiday celebrations started earlier than most, with cleaning the house and preparing for Christmas. The children made cookies and decorations for their rooms and everybody got involved with decorating the house while dancing to festive music. The decorations were changed several times as the children decided they wanted it differently and the tree had several locations. All of the children had window decorations for their own rooms and the mothers had quality time decorating with them as family units. The ladies all made a nice Christmas dinner which they sat around the table and ate together. Some teaching others cooking and prep skills and others enjoying being cooked for, for a change!

Farley Road

Our Farley Road service also held a Christmas celebration. Here is a pictorial representation of that celebration as well as a first hand account from one of the Service Users who spent his first Christmas there.

“Got out a week before Xmas day …… and I must say with London being the way it was, I didn’t know what I was going into!

Xmas for me inside was all about eating rubbish and being by myself. Now this year, I had a house full of people. I started the day playing board games then about 1pm we had a big fat dinner which was just the best. We all ate our food around the table. With good food and even better people, the day went very fast!

Late in the day, we all sat around and put a film on the TV which was nice. To say I was sad when I was told I couldn’t see my family was right, but my new (Farley Road) family helped to make it a good one. For that I am grateful to each of them.

what’s next for me?  who knows, but with the help I’ve got I know the New Year will be a good one!”


Holman House

Christmas was a festive affair at Holman house this year, thanks to generous donations from businesses in Bedfordshire. The donations helped them to transform the living room and office and provide festive food and activities. The main Christmas tree was donated via a random act of kindness from a lady who approached Box End Animal Feeds and paid for a tree to be donated to a worthy cause and they kindly delivered the tree to the service.

But this was only one  act of kindness. The service also received generous donations from other businesses and individuals. This list of donors includes, Bedford Foodbank, Box End Animal Feeds & Christmas Trees anonymous donor, Rosetone Shefford, Sainsburys Fairfield, Morrisons Shefford, Lava Wellbeing & Fitness, Salvation Army , Local Shutters and Blinds, Jane Cox and Jo McLennan.

Marron House

At Marron House, staff did their best to keep spirits high and spread joy during the festive season! There was a huge Christmas meal and staff handed out presents to their wonderful Service Users.

Thank you to the staff at all of our services for ensuring that the Service Users are always at the forefront of everything that you do.