Roots Unveils Hubert the Owl

A sculpture, named ‘Hubert’ by one of the artists involved in its creation, was unveiled at the Roots to Recovery Seasonal Gathering in December. The sculpture was a culmination of weeks of work and was made totally from recycled and found items.

The body is an old trampoline decorated with CD’s, the eyes are bike wheels carefully woven with pieces of old fabrics and the wings are made from chicken wire with the feathers cut from milk cartons – which was a very time consuming and incredibly effective idea.

Hubert’s eyebrows are plastic tennis rackets and his grown of glory part of a vegetable stand decorated in beads from a broken necklace.

The wooden framework that holds Hubert up are old bits of wood and the deep holes that secure him into the ground were dug by the hardcore gardening team.

Elizabeth Aldous, a core part of the creative team said: “It is a great example of how you take items that are seen as useless and turn them into something so stunning and imaginative.”

Everyone involved enjoyed the project so much that they are now thinking of ideas for the next installation. After all, they have the space and inspiration of nature around them at the garden.

Hubert’s unveiling was a great launch with fairy lights and tinsel added to bring the Wise Owl to life. “…We sang seasonal songs and even did a dance around him. The singing was so enjoyable that we are now hoping to begin our own Penrose Choir. This was a great end to the wonderful party that had been arranged by the Penrose Team who put on a great spread and decorated our polytunnel to look beautiful. Without sounding too corny it was a real Hoot!” Liz said.

Hubert can actually be seen over the hedge from the footpath leading to the garden and we hope he will continue to bring much happiness to those who see him.

The Roots to Recovery Garden is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.