Pathways Residents Learn Cooking Skills

Four Pathways to Independence residents have started a 6-week cooking course, run in partnership with Ashdown and Medway Trust who run a housing related support hub in Chatham.

The purpose of the training is to give residents life skills to help them to be independent when they move on to their own accommodation, as well as during their stay in Pathways’ accommodation. The course not only teaches residents a range of cooking techniques and skills, but also how to cook on a budget. Many residents often rely on local soup kitchens for meals, so this course will help them to develop the confidence  to cook healthy meals within their budgets. The course also concentrates on training residents in the promotion of cooking and eating healthy food.

Pathways have previously put 12 clients through this course, which is run in AMAT’s state of the art kitchen complex.

The residents will make a range of main courses and deserts over the coming weeks and are also able to take home and enjoy the fruits of their labour!