MP Sarah Owen Visits SIG Penrose Synergy Service

Our Synergy office was yesterday visited by Sarah Owen, Luton MP and Shadow Minister for Homelessness, Rough Sleeping and Faith. The visit introduced Ms Owen to the Synergy Universal Service, which carries out vital work in the community, including working with families experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Emmeline Irvine, our Head of Complex Needs and Homelessness, hosted Ms Owen, who toured the building, met the SIG Penrose Synergy universal team, and held discussions with staff. Discussions centred on funding for families experiencing homelessness and working together to support other areas of local need. Safeguarding the vulnerable and safe spaces for victims of domestic abuse, including Penrose’s specialist women’s outreach project CATE funded by the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, was also discussed.

Ms Own was given an overview of the additional support services offered by Synergy, including MHFS, STEPS and Bridge House, which supports women and children.

“We are grateful to Ms Owen for her visit and openness to discuss Synergy’s vital work in the community. We hope to work together to highlight the need for better funding for those most vulnerable.” Emmeline Irvine, Social Interest Group.

Ms Owen’s visit is part of our strategic partnership working model which aims to form stronger alliances with partners and agencies to allow for greater collaboration and efficiency.

Ms Owen said: “It was wonderful to spend time with the dedicated team at SIG Penrose. Hearing about their brilliant work first-hand, it is clear they are vital to hundreds of vulnerable people, families and especially those fleeing domestic abuse. SIG Penrose not only helps with housing, but they support a person’s needs as a whole – from their mental health to welfare support and much more. I look forward to continuing working with SIG Penrose for the good of our town and to support people through these challenging times.”

Well done to Emmeline and the team at Synergy for the effort they put into arranging and hosting the visit.

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