Mental Health Awareness Week Croydon

In honour of Mental Health Awareness week, staff at SIG Penrose Croydon decided to promote it within the service to highlight the importance of mental health and how Service Users manage their condition with the help and support available.

The activity included Service Users coming together and expressing how they felt about their mental health and as this year’s theme is loneliness, questions such as Does mental health make you feel lonely? Does loneliness affect your mental health? Were covered. Great responses were from those who attended– Some of the responses are included below.

Since the colour for Mental Health Awareness is green, some members of staff dressed in green.

The staff in Croydon understand the need to raise awareness of mental health and the impact it has on Service Users. This drives them to continue to help them live well and support them to reintegrate back into society.

Our thanks to everyone involved in this activity, especially Occupational Therapist Elizabeth Ollivierre who sent us the story.