Mental Health Awareness week – Be Kind

In 1989, the movie ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ was released in the cinemas. Within that film the main characters coin the term, ‘Be Excellent to Each Other’ as a motto they think the world should live by. I was 10 when I watched that film and I immediately bonded with those words. I began working in the charity sector when I was 18, as I knew that helping people was what I wanted to do with my life and career.

In 2015, I created an online community within Facebook, using this motto as the core of the group – asking people to treat each other with respect and kindness at all times. The group is now 3.1k members strong and the message of being excellent to each other is as prevalent today as ever. Social media can be such a toxic environment at times, but I firmly believe that kindness, compassion, support and love are hardwired into the vast majority of the people in this world. I know I do my best to be kind and make a difference and I’m very grateful to be surrounded by people both at work and at home who do the same.

During this mental health week please do take a moment to stop and think about the kindness that you show to others and reflect on the difference you make to those around you. Also remember to take a few extra moments to be kind to yourself. You absolutely deserve it!

So, in the immortal words of Bill S. Preston and Ted Theodore Logan, ‘Be excellent to each other…and party on!’

Greg Tythe

Director, Development, Communication & Marketing