Jubilee Celebration – Biscot House

Biscot House held a BBQ with Royal games to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee on Monday, 30th May. Residents supported staff and the activities coordinator to decorate the project in preparation for the event.

In typical Biscot style the rainy weather didn’t deter them, they simply set up the food table inside.

The support worker took the lead in cooking the BBQ food. She brought in some brilliant games and a quiz to keep everyone entertained, and the residents chose which games to play.

They played Bingo – PK the winner, won an ED hardy bag which he was very pleased with!

For most, it was their first time playing bingo and everyone really enjoyed it. Rather than shouting Bingo, residents chose which royal they wanted to be and had to shout their name whilst holding up a picture of their face.

They went on to play Higher or Lower which a very competitive resident AC won.

Between games SG shared ‘cracker’ jokes. Below is a little taster:

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Queen who?
Queen your room, it’s a mess

Q: What kind of tea do you drink with Queen Elizabeth?
A: Royal tea.

Q: Why didn’t Cleopatra admit she was wrong?
A: She was the Queen of de-Nile.

Q: Why did the queen go to the dentist?
A: To get a crown on her tooth.

There was lots of laughter, and the activity provided a space for all to socialise and bond.

Residents said: “It was a truly lovely event. I enjoyed the food and the prizes at the end of the games.”

“I really enjoyed todays activity; everything was great – even the jokes!”

Everyone came together to make the day an enjoyable and fun filled one.