I Am More Than

Our Brighton women’s service participated in the recently concluded Brighton Fringe festival. Their I AM MORE THAN art exhibition aimed to challenge the labels that are often attached to women experiencing homelessness.

The art pieces were completed by residents of the Equinox women’s supported accommodation in Hove. There were also cards completed by the women as well as members of the public. The exhibition’s main goal was to challenge the wider community (professionals included), about their own held beliefs around these women and to raise awareness that these beliefs and labels can be limiting in the women’s recovery.

Its hoped that the project also helped women experiencing homelessness to explore their identity and experience themselves in a different, more positive way. It put forward the idea that they are not defined by the labels they are given or the experiences that they have had or are having. Its focus was on revealing to the community, as well as the women themselves, that they are incredible, whole, valuable members of our community that have many strengths and attributes which we recognise and celebrate.