Furry & Friendly Fun at Bridge House

The Service Manager at Bridge House Alex Sinclair, arranged for ARK Farm to hold an indoor furry and friendly experience for the mums and children at the service.

Ark brought with them a range of bantam chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, a friendly Labrador, pygmy African hedgehogs, Horsefield tortoises, sugar gliders, a barn owl and goats.

Ark delivered a hands-on, educational, and tactile experience to the children and women, and the children took turns holding the animals and asking many questions about them. They were educated on all the animals including their ages, how to care for them, what they enjoy, what they eat, their routines etc.

For many of the families at Bridge House this was their first encounter with some of these animals and the goats were certainly a favourite. The children enjoyed holding and feeding the animals the most.

This was an exciting opportunity for the families who may otherwise not have had the opportunity to enjoy such a service.

We thank Crystal at Ark for supporting us at Bridge house to make this a successful, fun and educational activity for the families.

This was an opportunity to nurture the children’s curiosity about animals and form connections and involvement with the living world around us. The hands-on experience promoted kindness and respect towards all living creatures and got both parents and children learning about the environment.