Brook Drive Is Closed

Brook Drive, our detoxification service, is closed and has been deregistered from regulated activities with the CQC as of January 2022 after 30 years of delivering high quality support to the people of London.

This has been a very difficult decision to make. We were working alongside the CQC since July 2021 to reopen Brook Drive but in December 2021, after fulfilling all CQC requirements, our Substance Misuse Psychiatrist pulled out of the recruitment process. Since then, seeking another at a salary we can afford, has proven impossible.

The Executive Team and Board thoroughly reviewed the requirements of the CQC and have decided that working in partnership with an NHS Trust or another provider was the best method of ensuring sustainability for a London detox service. To achieve this, we will be seeking partners to agree a different model which guarantees that the requirements of the CQC can be continually met.

It is very sad to see Brook Drive disappear from the detoxification landscape of London but for financial reasons whilst we confirm alternative models and partners, the decision to deregister from regulated activities with the CQC and close the service is the right one. This process may take some months to finalise, but we are confident that it can be achieved. If you are interested in working with us to help, make this happen please get in touch by emailing or telephone, 0203 668 9270.