Bridge House Says Thanks!

Our Bridge House service is a supported living accommodation for women and their children in Luton. Bridge House delivers residential support to homeless families in the Luton area, with a focus on expectant mothers, and those with, or aiming to have guardianship of, young children.

Assistance ranges from basic advice to intense support in areas such as domestic violence, mental health issues, substance use and family wellbeing.

Donations are important to the service; ensuring residents, including the children, have a positive stay  during their time of crisis.

Donations help to ease the financial burden and enables the service to help the families from the first day they arrive. They can provide welcome packs, including everything from new bedding, pots and pans to food and toiletries for those who need it, as well as nappies, baby milk, extra clothing and toys for the children, until staff have helped the mothers sort out their finances.

These donations also enable staff to hold extra activities such as pampering sessions with the ladies to help boost confidence and morale, reading sessions, soft play and arts and crafts activities to stimulate the children and support positive development and interaction between the children and families.

This has been especially true during the pandemic as the majority of the current residents’ children are lock-down babies and have not been able to access support from external services that would have normally been available.

The generosity of the public has had a tremendous impact on the families and the staff that support them, as the families have not had to go without anything during lockdown and/or periods of isolation due to COVID.

The ladies have stated that it has been a difficult time for them, and they have all struggled at some point with being separated from loved ones and lone parenting during the Pandemic. So, the Christmas gifts are a lovely extra to the end of another tough year. 

Everyone at Bridge House would just like to say a BIG thank you to all the local services and kind members of the public that have donated to the residents and children for Christmas and throughout the pandemic.

Leannk Clark, Kate Neale, Julie Chant, Sandra Whinnett, Michelle Hay, Jenny Jobson, Sam Buckland, 4 seasons, Pastor Dadda from Charismatic church Luton, Harrison Irvine, Angela Thompson, Liz Aldous and Victim Support. THANK YOU 😊